Funding Fitness/Health Innovations – February Edition

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Crowdsourcing/crowd funding is a fun online trend and it’s bringing lots of cool products to the masses because consumers can vote with their dollars. We love checking out some of these crowdsourcing projects. Some are super useful, some are just laugh-worthy. Here are a few running/fitness related projects we’ve recently discovered.

ii Earphones Snap Strap


This is a “lifestyle” product that can have benefit for sport! This provides a way to keep your earphones tangle-free and neatly in place while moving about your day. You can pop your earbuds out of your ears while keeping them conveniently close for when it’s time to turn on the tunes again.

View the Indiegogo campaign | Closes March 9

Flyfit Fitness Tracker


Most fitness/activity trackers on the market are worn on the wrist, which means that they don’t ever track motion when cycling.  The Flyfit is worn on the ankle, so that activity can be tracked… in addition to all the usual steps and sleep data. It will communicate with smartphones via bluetooth so all of your data can be tracked and measured.

View the Kickstarter Campaign | Closes March 24


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  1. Bill Logan says:

    Thanks for this! The FlyFit looks especially interesting.

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