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Funding Fitness/Health Innovations – November Edition

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Crowdsourcing/crowd funding is a fun online trend and it’s bringing lots of cool products to the masses because consumers can vote with their dollars. We love checking out some of these crowdsourcing projects. Some are super useful, some are just laugh-worthy. Here are a few running/fitness related projects we’ve recently discovered.

The Via Heartbeat Bracelet


The Via Heartbeat bracelet is essentially a device that lets you know if you are in your optimal bpm range.  There are a couple of differences between this and a standard heart monitor watch though. First, this is designed more like a piece of jewelry. A woman may prefer to wear this over a clunky heart monitor watch. The other difference is the way the data is displayed. The developers of Via Heartbeat Bracelet have decided that most people don’t actually care about the numbers being displayed on the watch, they just want to know when they are in their preferred bpm range.  The Via lets the wearer know when they’ve hit that range by changing the color of the bracelet. Keep in mind, the user of the Via Heartbeat Bracelet must wear a heart rate monitor chest strap.

Visit the Kickstarter Campaign | Closes December 20


Kourage Athletics: Kenyas Running Brand

Kourage Athletics

We all know that African runners are supa-fast, right? And the stories of runners who win major marathons and then send their winnings back home to support their families are very inspirational. Kenya is already a power player when it comes to elite runners. Now Kourage is aiming to help provide a little economic stimulus to propel the country into the domain of running apparel as well.

Visit the Kickstarter Campaign | Closes December 20


SilverAir™: Odorless Athletic Shirts Made With Pure Silver


Let’s face it: we guys stink after a run. A small company called Y Athletics is looking to change that.  Through a Kickstarter project, they are looking to build a workout shirt called SilverAir that is made with a new material that contains pure silver. The silver is supposed to combat the growth of bacteria so you could wear the shirt all day if you needed to. You can be sure I’ll be wearing one of these on my next Ragnar Relay! This project has hit its funding goal.

Visit the Kickstarter Campaign | Closes December 16


audionoggin headphones on cap
These headphones are designed to clip onto a hat or visor and keep your ears open to your surroundings while running (or whatever activity you decide to pursue while wearing them). They communicate with your device via Bluetooth so you don’t have wires running all over the place, or the annoyance of buds not fitting in your ear and causing pain or falling out.

Visit the Kickstarter Campaign | Closes December 19


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