Track Tuesday–Let's Keep it Simple

Sometimes track workouts can be too complicated. I have brought notepads with me or taken notes on my phone to keep track of what I am supposed to do and what my results were.  Sometimes simpler is better.  Last week I wrote about Yasso 800’s.  Pretty simple–run around the track twice, rest, repeat.

I found two other simple workouts that will help to make you faster. Matt Frazier from No Meat Athlete posted some great track workouts.  The first one is mile repeats.  Just the sound of mile repeats gives me chills down my spine. Yikes.  But, for the endurance athlete, there is nothing better to build up that VO2 Max.  The first workout is 3 X 1 mile with 400 meter jog.  It is that simple. Run a mile at your 5K pace minus ten seconds and then jog slowly around the track once. Do this three times.  Let’s say your 5K pace is 8:00 minute miles.  Run each mile repeat at 7:50.   I haven’t tried this workout yet.  If anyone does, please comment and let me know how it went.

The other workout is 10 X 400m with 400 meter rest. Run around the track and then jog/walk around the track.  Repeat this ten times.  Your pace should be your 5K pace divided by four minus ten seconds.  So if your 5K is 8:00 minute miles, you should run a 400 in 1:50. This might not seem that difficult at first, but by the eighth or ninth lap, you might think differently.


Matt Frazier| 3 Track Workouts Guaranteed to Kick Your Ass



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