Let's Talk: Swamp Butt

Embarrassing topics? Running can be full of them, and I am willing to tackle them here…

For this first one, let’s address the topic of “Swamp Butt”. This isn’t something that I’ve struggled with. (Honestly! I’d totally fess up if I had! I imagine living in the dry desert air helps prevent this, sweat/moisture dries very quickly.) But apparently a lot of endurance athletes have had troubles with excess moisture between the cheeks causing some irritation. The discomfort can be momentary or it can extend into longer-term issues like itchiness and/or smell. And men? Sorry, but you are more likely to fall victim to this malady.

There are products that can help alleviate the issue when engaged in endurance sports:

Gold Bond Powder

Gold Bond Powder

This stuff has been around for a long time.  Its medicated, active ingredients are menthol and zinc oxide.  It treats a laundry list of issues, minor skin irritations being one of them.  It’s slightly more discreet, based on the name and packaging.

Anti Monkey Butt powder

Anti-Monkey Butt Powder

Well, the packaging is funny and unique, but it also kind of screams what problem you are trying to address, doesn’t it?  It comes in the original formula, a “lady” formula and a kids/baby formula.  Ingredients are talcum powder and calamine.

Don’t like the mess of powders?

Enzo's Buttonhole Cream

Enzo’s ButtonHole Chamois Cream

This product started out as being marketed toward cyclists, but lately they’ve been expanding to runners as well… after runners (or triathletes) discovered it helped them in both scenarios.  The cream is vegan and uses ingredients like melaleuca oil, hamamelis and cocoa butter. (However, it doesn’t smell like cocoa butter. It actually smells kind of minty, which might be kind of weird too.) And their line about “The longer the button can stay on the saddle, the happier you and the button will be.” just makes me chuckle!

Apparently this issue is so concerning that it even had to be addressed on the television show The Doctors!

For those who are prone to “bum sweat”:
Ladies can wear a running skirt, since that will usually conceal any moist spots that may appear on the exterior of the apparel due to a double layer. Men… wear dark shorts as moisture spots are less conspicuous on darker fabric.

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