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Running to a Beat

Many runners have trouble keeping a consistent pace throughout a run. Many runners have trouble with negative thoughts popping up as they run. Running to music has been shown to improve a...


Brooks Running Run Happy Nation Report

Today is National Running Day – June 3 each year is a day to celebrate running. Head on over to RunningDay.org to learn more about it. Or better yet… head out for a run! And for...

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Strava introduces new running guides

Strava recently announced Strava Local, an interesting way to help runners and cyclists find new routes. By utilizing the millions of GPS-tracked miles, and 38 million activities uploaded...


Review: Garmin Swim

My cross training exercise of choice these days is swimming. Right now I’m enjoying swimming more than I’m enjoying running. Hey, it happens. We all get in to running ruts. I’m happy...

Run Like a Champion: An Olympian's Approach for Every Runner by Alan Culpepper with Brian Metzler

Book Review: Run Like a Champion

One of the toughest–and most important–skills needed to be a strong running is one’s mental game. During a run, your brain can be your best friend or your worst enemy...